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WanderKnit - Bhutan Themed Knitting Kit (3rd Quarter 2022)

WanderKnit - Bhutan Themed Knitting Kit (3rd Quarter 2022)

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What is WanderKnit™?

WanderKnit is a destination-themed knitting package, inspired by locations around the globe. Knitters will have a chance to learn a bit about each destination, while being treated to location-inspired patterns and surprises along the way. There will be new destinations each quarter, watch for where we'll travel next! Each destination will have a representative button whic hcan be sewn onto your WanderKnit tote, much like a pin in a map!

Where are you traveling?

After a successful journey through Holland, our next destination is the mountainous country of Bhutan. Located in the Himalayas of Asia, this wondrous country is known for its natural beauty, rich traditions, Buddhist culture, and much more! Bhutan is also ranked as one of the happiest places in the world!

Tell me about the WanderKnit™ Bhutan designs!

Featuring CoBaSi DK, our three patterns are inspired by the colorful and intricately woven textiles of Bhutan. The Bhutanese weavers are mostly women who are seen as innovators and owners of artistic skills developed and nurtured over centuries of time. Knitters may choose to create a pair of textured socks, a colorfully patterned mosaic wrap and an expanding market bag. Some shops may even wish to promote the completion of all three designs! The included patterns will be unavailable for purchase outside of the program for 3 months - ensuring exclusivity for participating shops.

What is in the Bhutan kit?

Each kit contains one of each of the following (yarn and tote not included in kit, must be purchased separately):

Bhutan-inspired travel brochures
Copies each of 3 patterns (wrap, socks, market bag)
WanderKnit™ Bhutan prayer flag stitch marker sets (5 stitch markers/set)
Tsheringma tea sachets
WanderKnit™ project tags
Mandala coconut buttons

WanderKnit™ tote bags can be purchased separately if you are just joining Wanderknit!


Color suggestions for each project are listed, or you can use your own imagination to create your own Bhutanese-inspired masterpiece! Skeins per project: Shawl - 6 skeins; Bag - 4 skeins; Socks - 3 skeins

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