The Great Summer Slowdown before Knitting Season arrives!

The Great Summer Slowdown before Knitting Season arrives!

The summer knitting doldrums are upon us. I get it, there's so much more to do outside that our leisure time opportunities vastly increase. I am an early morning riser, which is great at this time of the year. I can get a lot of things done before it gets too hot if I'm outside by 6am. Adding to the usual knitting slow down this year is the fact that we can actually go out and do things in public again, too!

With things a little less busy in the shop over the summer months, I have time to plan out the upcoming busy season. Things usually start to pick up mid August, and by September, with the advent of the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, I'm operating at full speed! I've been spending the past couple of months planning purchases, figuring which models I am going to knit, and figuring out how to get it all into my booth for WSWF. I am getting to work with many new independent vendors, it is really great to be working with ladies who are all as excited about yarn and knitting as I am!

This year, two weeks after the festival, I'll be taking part in a new-to-me shop hop, and another shop hop in October. New items and models will be arriving just for those occasions too! So here's to the Summer Slowdown, enjoy it while it lasts!

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