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Twice Sheared SHeep

Duo Repair Hooks

Duo Repair Hooks

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Twice Sheared Sheep, US. The perfect little multi tool for your knitting bag!
– It’s a repair hook
– It’s a cable needle
– It’s a DUO!

Made from smooth natural bamboo and stamped with size information, these little needles are just what the doctor ordered for fixing mistakes, crossing cables, picking up stitches, or adding crochet embellishments.

  • 9.5cm (3 5/8″) length is just long enough to hold comfortably in your hand, but small enough to tuck away in your knitting bag
  • 1 Hooked crochet end and 1 pointed knitting needle end for all your yarny needs

Available in a pack of 3 popular sizes:

  • G / 4mm (US 6)
  • H / 5mm (US 8)
  • J / 6mm (US 10)
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