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Kaleidoscope Fibers

Shawl Cuffs - Vegan Leather

Shawl Cuffs - Vegan Leather

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Kaleidoscope Fibers. What is a shawl cuff? It is a little device to hold your shawl closed and help keep it in place. I make these out of vegan leather, cut and engraved with my Glowforge laser! The vegan leather has two layers of color, the laser etches away the top color to reveal the second color. Since there are etched, the designs will not wear off! There are two styles, one long cuff that will wrap twice around your shawl, the other wider and shorter to wrap once around your shawl. Both close with one button stud. All designs are available in all color combinations. If you would like something in a particular color combo that you don't see listed, contact me and I will be happy to make it for you!



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